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Some people need therapy...

I just need a game drive..

Story by Enigma Images September 29th, 2016

Whenever I feel like my life is headed nowhere and I am getting frustrated or if I need to wrestle with some hard choices or decisions, my wife makes me go for a game drive. I LOVE conservation work and I love seeing it in action and I love photographing it. I photograph it to raise awareness of it and I also photograph it to remember it.

I went one one of those drives recently when I had a great decision to make. I won't get into it, but I will show the images I shot from a short jaunt to the Mara. I hope you enjoy them.

We got there in the evening with a storm coming so both us and the zebra’s ran for cover. We were tired and decided to start our game drive the next day.


Next day begun with us seeing this lone Maasai guy walking through the Mara like it was New York city…I envy their courage. No wonder it is called the “Maasai” Mara. Sorry its out of focus. I was bouncing around in a Land Cruiser..


Anyway, no more talking...just images from now on.


I wonder what a group of giraffes is called…


These balloons were miles away, even on an 800mm lens, I still couldn't get a good shot of them


Though the dry season was just ending, its still quite hot. Giraffes bear the brunt of it…I guess because they are closer to the sun :-)


Lets just say, decisions were successfully made and life paths changed.