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New York, New York!

6 hours worth..

Story by Enigma Images September 22nd, 2016

I have ALWAYS wanted to see New York. Being from Africa, it's the first thing you recognise in movies because of its unique skyline. I have never reeeeaaalllly been a fan of the States but New York has been on my bucket list of places to see. In June, my wife and I finally took a holiday. Enigma has always taken up all our time and to be honest, I love what we do and can do it endlessly but this time around, we needed a vacation. So we packed our bags, got visas and plane tickets over the course of three weeks and were off!

We landed in Boston and that was our main port-of-call but we went to visit with some friends in NY, though we only stayed for 2.5 days. On the second day, we got to go into Manhattan in the afternoon. It was my first time for everything: first time on a subway, first time in NY, first time seeing skyscrapers…. I was like Macaulay Culkin in “Home Alone 2”!

I actually didn't shoot much during our month-long US trip. I didn’t want to. I wanted to enjoy my time with family and friends, not think about getting a good image…plus, who knows, maybe I will be back, soon :-) So here goes…

_DSC2240 copy.jpg
_DSC2243 copy.jpg
_DSC2249 copy.jpg

Time Square had to be shot. It just had to…thought there were a million tourists like us headed there, taking selfies.

_DSC2281 copy.jpg

Finally we wrapped up our short but fulfilling walk through New York. But I’m sure I will be back and I will now want to actually shoot.

_DSC2332 copy.jpg
_DSC2333 copy.jpg