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Birthing Season

Story by Enigma Images March 29th, 2017

The Maasai Mara has different seasons to which you can visit. Most tourists and wildlife enthusiasts usually visit the Mara between June and October during the migration season and there is also plenty of fauna to see. Over 2 million animals cross the Mara river between Kenya and Tanzania making this particular season a bucket-list-type visit.

In the earlier months of the year you are in for a different experience all together. The images in this story are from the month of February. February is the birthing season and is a relatively quiet, dry month with some intermittent short rains. Nearly all the species in the Mara have adapted to give birth during this month as it gives their offspring enough time to mature and have the strength to survive the influx of animals and predators during the migration season. The carnivores offspring will be old enough to be left by themselves as the adults go hunting and the herbivore offspring will be strong enough to keep up with the herd and avoid getting hunted or trampled.

I hope these images will help you notice the small things that make the Mara a unique ecosystem and keep you conscious of this as threats from human encroachment threaten its very existence.


Lions were courting and mating...


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